Pershing Square Bistro

One of the coolest little bistros I love to visit in New York’s Grand Central Station main terminal area is the Pershing Square Bistro. This American bistro offers practically everything from breakfast specialties  to their variety of hot and cold sandwiches, pasta dishes,gourmet diners and signature cocktails from the bar. Breakfast specialties include such things as their pancakes.

Featured in movies and televisions shows such as the Avengers and Friends with Benefits, Pershing Square is located at 90 E. 42nd St. under Grand Central’s Park Avenue viaduct. This busy location, I feel, serves the best breakfast in New York City, hands-down.

Most recently my daughter and I had the privilege of sharing fresh banana and chocolate chip

pancakes along with their famous Eggs Benedict. At Pershing Square it’s all about classic breakfast dishes made as delicious as possible. Even though their diversified menu contains almost everything you could possibly imagine to eat, my favorite will always be their breakfast.  So, if you’re looking for some classic breakfast food with a New York flare, look no further.

Check out their website: to see the full range of their menus.  In addition to the extensive breakfast menu, the bistro boasts menus for lunch, brunch and dinner.  They also have a kid’s menu, dessert menu and wine / beer lis


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